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about us

Championing Youth Minds was founded in response to the mental health pandemic our country is facing with a particular focus on the devastating impact on our youth.


We aim to provide a platform through which young people can help other young people care for their mental wellbeing.


Through free online resources accessible to all schools, parents and youth, workshops and social media, we help our youth understand mental health and effective strategies that work best for them. 

How do we do this

Introduce young children to mental well-being, allow them to understand the importance. Teaching them how they can care for their mental health as they learn the significance of caring for their physical health
Intervening at the age at which children are undergoing great changes and attempting to understand themselves and the world around them. Providing them with useful and mindful techniques to care and prioritise their mental wellbeing.
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                                      Higher education
Encouraging greater conversation about mental health to diminish existing stigma. Supporting young adults with valuable strategies to help and guidance to accessible help.
              All other ages, experiences and backgrounds
Giving others of all ages, backgrounds and experience to share their understanding of mental wellbeing and aid in removing the stigma in society.
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Championing Youth Minds

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